Chris takes care of my gorgeous little cocker spaniel, Jura. I can honestly say, with no exaggeration, that i don't know how i would cope with out her!! I work long hours and travel a lot, quite often at short notice. Chris takes Jura out almost every day and is so flexible when it comes to accommodating late changes in my plans. Jura is a very happy and contented dog and i am sure she feels like Chris's house is a second home!! This means i can rest assured that when i am away she could'nt be in better hands.


Shelagh. (Egham)

We can not recommend Chris highly enough, she has never let us down, not even when we asked to step in at a moments notice. And our "pup" knows when its walk time and waits, staring at the door waiting for Chris's smiling face. We never need to worry when Lily is with her, she is treated as part of the family. 


Jen & Gordon Hoy. (Egham)



Hi my name is Lily. I am half lab and half rottie, all love and attention-seeking pup. I want to tell anyone who is looking for a doggy friend that Christine is the best. She's loves me just like i am one of her own. She even called to check on me when i was poorly. Whenever my family has to go to work she comes and takes me on fabulous walks and when they go on holiday i get to have lovely sleep overs, Chris even lets me sit on the sofa!! (shhhh don't tell my dad)


Lily Hoy. Age 2 1/2

I have been very pleased with the care and attention my horses received whilst under the care of Chrissy. I returned to university as a mature student and had to commute two hours to attend. Having my horses looked after meant i was free to focus on my studies, secure in the knowledge that all my horses would be well cared for and have everything they need.


When situations cropped up, such as my cob escaping from his paddock, Chrissy was calm and competent and the event was managed without incident.


I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking for someone to care for their animals.


Melanie Catchpole.